Terms & Conditions


I understand and agree that I am responsible for my well-being at all times during the online course. Understanding the Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course is not therapeutic in design, intent or methodology. It is not a substitute for psychotherapy and will not address issues best addressed in therapy. The online course leaders are not trained psychotherapists and there will not be trained mental health professionals.


The online course will examine the ways in which women generally can produce/sabotage results, relate to their own needs and happiness, and relate to family members of all ages. As online course participants apply this examination to their own personal experience, they may experience discomfort or upsetting emotions. You are advised that, at all times, you are responsible for your well-being during the online course.





I understand that the Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course is a private and personal experience for each person. As such, I agree to respect the confidentiality of all participants, volunteers, and staff and their remarks and actions, and I agree to keep all such information private and confidential.


I further understand that making audio or video recordings of any portion of the online course for my personal use is strictly prohibited.





I understand that the Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course is designed and offered to provide extraordinary information with which women can understand and relate to themselves and family members/friends in ways that benefit all. Because of the volume of information given in the online course, I am allowed and encouraged to take notes. I am also encouraged to review this information regularly as I continue to develop new ways to interact with the people surrounding me in a variety of life situations.


However, taken out of the specific context created in the Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course the information I will have access to in this online course could be used harmfully. Therefore, I unconditionally agree to keep this information for my private use only, to not show or share this information with others, and to never represent this information in another context, practice or publication.


I understand that I am permitted to tell portions of what I have learned only in the context of supporting an individual struggling with a specific issue, and only to an individual whom I can trust to use the information in a productive manner. Should I share portions of what I have learned from the Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course I agree that I will do so at no charge and always inform the recipient of the source of my information, this does not include sharing or showing actual course content.